Faithful decisions.

This Thursday we celebrate the feast day of two very blessed saints, whose contribution to our lives today in 21st century North America, can never be overlooked. That of Sts Constantine and his mother Helen. 

Had it not been for Constantine’s courage to even consider Christianity (let alone fight for the Roman Empire under the sign of the cross), and to allow it to be practiced freely, would we be serving and praying here some 1700 years latter? Had it not been for the faith and encouragement of Constantine’s mother Helen, Would the future Emperor and Saint, have ever known that Christianity was more than a threat to the imperial cult, and Roman Empire (like every one of his predecessors- just look at the list of martyrs)? Who knows, yet here we are. Glory to God. 

There are many (far too many) people who would say that Constantine and Helen were only opportunistic in accepting Christianity. Yet history is full of men and women who when presented with an opportunity to do the right thing, the most successful, or even the only thing, have instead fallen away- out of fear, pride, and selfishness.  Not Sts. Constantine and Helen; and the fact we celebrate their memory bears witness to that! 

May each decision we make however big or small, bear witness to the Love of the Lord manifested even years if not centuries later.

St. Constantine and Helen pray to God for us! 

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