Church School

For over a decade, an active Church school program has engaged the children of St. Nicholas of Narol, providing a context in which they have been able to attend to the “one thing needed” (Lk.10:42) as they grow up in the Orthodox faith. Truly this has been a blessed endeavor that has offered our children a chance to know that their faith is just that, their faith, and not simply something they go along with. What wonder! 

The ongoing challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, have limited the ability for us to teach and learn from each other, and have compelled us to consider other ways to provide this context of faith for our children. Providing a page on our website with resources for various ages groups, as well as providing downloadable work/colouring pages is one way we can continue this work. In addition, we have a Church school Instagram page, and a Instagram page for our St. Xenia youth group, where other applicable content is posted. 

These are strange times to live in, yet providing the opportunity to continue the work of our Church School program for our families at home is a blessing that again strengthens the resolve for our children to make this saving faith and encounter with a loving God, something that is theirs, and not something they go along with.

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