Currently, the Public Health orders in Manitoba limit attendance at indoor services to 33% (or 25 people- whichever is greater). In principle these limits accommodate our community, yet the direction to ensure Physical Distancing presents a challenge fitting everyone in. To accommodate this we are asking that those wanting to participate in services register online. Each week a registration link for the services that week will be sent out. We ask that every household be respectful of others wanting to attend our services  when signing up, and if needs be, to stagger their attendance, or consider other services beyond Sunday morning. 

If you are not currently on our parish email list (different than the parish bulletin list) and would like to be included to register, please contact 

Every attempt will be made to accommodate as many people as we can, regardless of whether they are members, visiting, and or interested in Orthodox Christianity. 

As there have been some changes to the Public Health Orders in Manitoba ( mandatory masks, attendance limits and physical distancing) , we would encourage everyone attending a service at St. Nicholas to review our COVID 19 policy.

Please remember to visit our Youtube channel to subscribe for upcoming live events, and to view past services, as well our Zoom account information is listed.

Here is the link to our meeting room.
Meeting ID: 249 471 4396Passcode: 521159Phone number: +1 204 272 7920
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