Dearest all. As our Bishops continue to find appropriate and precautionary actions in response to the spread of the  Covid-19 virus, it was determined with heavy hearts that the safest and most responsible course was to suspend services in our Churches until further notice.

.Which is to say that their will be no services at St. Nicholas in Narol 

This was not a light or casual decision on the part of the Holy Synod and as Vladika noted in an email to his clergy “God is giving us a crash course on prayer… Is our faith only centered on Sunday Liturgies? Or are we centered on prayer? Sunday morning Liturgies should be the climax of our prayer life, which is our intimate relationship with Our Lord. Praying at home is essential for all of us. Now we have to realize this and fall back on it. Praying at home, morning and evening prayers as a family is essential. Praying Canons and Akathists to the Mother of God will get us through this together. When we pray at home, we are in intimate communion, through the Holy Spirit with all the Church.”

As I noted before, Great Lent is not canceled, and neither is our identity as Christians. This  is an opportunity to deepen our relationship with Christ in the same way the desert monastics like St. Mary of Egypt, St. Zosimas, St. Macaruis (and so many more) would during the Great Fast. Through prayer, an fasting. 

You are all in my hearts with thanksgiving and joy, and I continue to pray for peace and health through these trials. 
By your prayers.