As always, it is a joy to welcome those wanting to visit St. Nicholas in Narol, regardless if one is an Orthodox Christian or not; or one lives in Winnipeg, its surrounding municipalities, or is traveling through Manitoba. Following the Divine Liturgy on Sundays, we offer a light lunch and coffee, and everyone is welcomed to join us as we break our fast.

For those wanting to have confession (rite of forgiveness), it can be offered on Saturday evening, or Sunday morning before the beginning of the Liturgy. Please insure that if you want to have confession on Sunday morning, to be at Church a little earlier, so as to allow the priest some time to prepare for the service. Alternatively, appointments for confession can be arranged by contacting Fr. Gregory Scratch at

Although face masks are no longer mandated, they continue to be a effective element that mitigates the spread of COVID-19. As such we recommend the continued wearing of masks indoors. Of course, the decision to wear a mask will remain up to the individual and we respect everyone’s personal choices. Masks and hand sanitizer will still be available at the front door.

To minimize the spread of COVID-19 variants , self-screening remains mandatory prior to attending a church service. If you have any symptoms or test positive for COVID-19, we ask that you refrain from attending a service and follow Manitoba’s public health guidelines.

If you are not currently on our parish email list (different than the parish bulletin list) and would like to attend a service, or if you have any questions or concerns about attendance, to please contact 

Please remember to visit our Youtube channel to subscribe for upcoming live events, and to view past services.