With thanksgiving to God, the restrictions on attendance has been loosened up to accommodate 25% at our Liturgical services. Glory to God! Even with an allowance of 25% in person services, we have a majority of our congregation that will be unable to attend services. So to accommodate this, we will be serving two Liturgies on Sunday mornings (one at 8:30am and the second at 10:30 am ) as well as various other services throughout the week ( Festal Liturgies, Presanctified Liturgies and Vespers etc.)

We will be streaming our Divine Liturgy though our Youtube cannel, and will be working to increase the number of services offered, as we continue to develop our online presence. Of course we are still in a place where we need to preregister our attendance at, and we ask that each family and member are conscious of other people when picking what services they attend. As well we ask that each member is conscious of the preventive steps we are taking in reducing the risk of COVID contagion (face masks, hand washing, and physical distancing). Indeed 25% is a small step, but a step it still is, to which we offer our thanksgiving to God.

Holy Week and Pascha.

Given the current restrictions on attendance, the challenges of facilitating attendance throughout Holy Week, -when we traditionally have healthy attendance- and Pascha -when we traditionally are bursting at the seams a tentative schedule has been set.  Both myself and the parish council are considering different ways and options, in which we can serve as many people in person as is possible (specifically at Pascha), but barring any changes to our Public Health Orders, we will be serving at these times. May the Lord bless.

Apr. 6th Wednesday, Presanctified Liturgy @ 6:00 pm 

Apr. 9th Friday, Presanctified Liturgy in Winkler @ 5:30 pm 

Apr. 10th Saturday, Great Vespers @ 5:00 pm 

Apr. 11th Sunday, Divine Liturgy (Sunday of St. John of the Ladder)  First Liturgy @ 8:30 am Second Liturgy @ 10:30 am 

Apr. 14th Wednesday, Presanctified Liturgy @ 6:00 pm 

Apr. 17th Saturday, Great Vespers @ 5:00 pm

Apr. 18th Sunday Divine Liturgy (Sunday of Mary of Egypt) First Liturgy @ 8:30 am Second Liturgy @ 10:30 am 

Apr. 21st Wednesday, Presanctified Liturgy @ 6:00 pm 

Apr. 24th Saturday, Divine Liturgy (Lazarus Saturday) In Winkler @10:00 am 

Great Vespers with the blessing of the palms @ 5:00 pm  

Apr. 25th Sunday, Divine Liturgy (Palm Sunday) First Liturgy @ 8:30 am Second Liturgy @ 10:30 am 

Holy Week  

Apr. 26th Monday, Bridegroom Matins 6:00 pm

Apr. 27thTuesday, Bridegroom Matins In Winkler @5:30  pm 

Apr.28th Wednesday, Presanctified Liturgy 6:00 pm  

Apr. 29th  Thursday, Vesperal Liturgy of St. Basil 10:00 am

Matins of Holy Saturday – served on Friday evening 6:00 pm

Apr. 30th  Friday, (Strict fast) Vespers of Holy Friday (bringing out of the shroud) 6:00 pm

May 1st Saturday, Vesperal Liturgy of St. Basil (14 OT readings) 10:00 am

May 2nd Sunday, Christ is Risen! Христос воскрес! Χριστὸς ἀνέστη!

Nocturnes Procession and Matins and Liturgy(s) TBD