As many of you are aware, the expediential rise in COVID infection rates, and the mounting pressure on our medical system, have forced the Province to lock down “non essential services”. Alas, faith based communities are not considered an essential service, and so we find ourselves having to close the doors of our Church yet again, despite our exceptional work to keep our faithful and clergy safe at St. Nicholas. Indeed this lockdown might be the only thing that gets people and communities to see the seriousness of this pandemic, and act responsibly to flatten this curve. But this is nothing new for us.

In the same way we streamed Typica, Vespers, and other services throughout the spring, we are again steaming these services from St. Nicholas (or my home as we do not yet have the ability to do it from St. Nicholas as of yet). In addition to this, there are a number of Orthodox communities streaming their services as well. Please make time for yourselves and families on Sunday morning to participate in these services. 

If you are interested in participating in one of our Zoom services and meetings, or would like to know when they are happening, please contact

For some people, streaming services is a difficult proposition that goes beyond technical challenges, not to mention that some feel like spectators watching a service. This is totally understandable, yet marking the Lord’s day is so vitally important. So if internet streaming is not something you or your family feels comfortable with, I ask you to gather on Sunday mornings and serve the Typica service, or at least part of the service.

Our hope is that we will be able to get back to serving in Church again, and hopefully to celebrate the blessed Nativity of our Lord God and Saviour Jesus Christ! May the Lord bless.