Saint Nicholas in Narol

St. Nicholas in Narol, is an Orthodox Church, part of the Archdiocese of Canada (Est. 1916) and Orthodox Church in America, whose is roots in North America date back to the established Russian Orthodox mission in Alaska in 1794, and was granted Autocephaly (self governance) in 1970.

We are located 20 minutes North of Winnipeg at 5635 Henderson Highway (Just south of Lockport) in the tiny village of Narol, and have for over a hundred years served the rural and suburban communities of Winnipeg, Selkirk, and the municipalities of East St. Paul and St. Clements.

We serve in English and on the New Calendar, but strive to live the Gospel teachings of Christ in the same way the pioneers who brought the Orthodox faith with them when they settled here from Western Ukraine.

Without forgetting our history and traditions, we has grown into a multi-generational and ethnic parish, proclaiming the saving work of Jesus Christ that has echoed throughout the ages.

The 50th Anniversary of the Glorification of St. Herman of Alaska.

As many might be aware, this year is the 50th anniversary of the granting of Autocephaly to the Orthodox Church in America by the Moscow Patriarchate in 1970. Although there were many reasons and justifications in the request for autonomy and self governance, the desire to enrol in the ranks of the saints, the monk […]


 By God’s mercy and grace, we are at a point where we can publicly gather together in person, and offer our thanksgiving to the Lord for His victory over death! A joy beyond all joys!  By this point, many of you have received various emails from the parish council, and myself explaining our Protocols and Procedures […]

Faithful decisions.

This Thursday we celebrate the feast day of two very blessed saints, whose contribution to our lives today in 21st century North America, can never be overlooked. That of Sts Constantine and his mother Helen.  Had it not been for Constantine’s courage to even consider Christianity (let alone fight for the Roman Empire under the sign of […]

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