Saint Nicholas in Narol

St. Nicholas in Narol, is an Orthodox Church, part of the Archdiocese of Canada (Est. 1916) and Orthodox Church in America, whose is roots in North America date back to the established Russian Orthodox mission in Alaska in 1794, and was granted Autocephaly (self governance) in 1970.

We are located 20 minutes North of Winnipeg at 5635 Henderson Highway (Just south of Lockport) in the tiny village of Narol, and have for over a hundred years served the rural and suburban communities of Winnipeg, Selkirk, and the municipalities of East St. Paul and St. Clements.

We serve in English and on the New Calendar, but strive to live the Gospel teachings of Christ in the same way the pioneers who brought the Orthodox faith with them when they settled here from Western Ukraine.

Without forgetting our history and traditions, we has grown into a multi-generational and ethnic parish, proclaiming the saving work of Jesus Christ that has echoed throughout the ages.

House of God in Jerusalem, and everywhere.

The feast of the founding of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem. This Sunday (Sept. 13th) we celebrate the feast of the founding one of the most important Churches in world, the Holy Sepulcher, built over the tomb of our Lord, and the site where He was crucified.  We commemorate this event, not […]

The Right-Believing Pulcheria.

Today we commemorate one of my favorite Imperial saints of the Orthodox Church The Right-Believing Pulcheria, Roman/Byzantine Empress (399- 453).  The balance between political expediency, and a faithful Christian life, is almost impossible to consider; whether it be 1500 years ago, or today in a democratic society. Yet, the witness that St. Pulcheria offered the Roman/Byzantine world, and […]

A new beginning, with old problems.

With the advent of September many of us come to the end of holidays. A new school year unfolds, new cycles in at work start, and there is harvest to collect. These changes of routine are almost instinctual, and we don’t think twice about them. It is just what one does, as one has ever […]

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