Saint Nicholas in Narol

St. Nicholas Orthodox Church in Narol is located 20 minutes North of Winnipeg at 5635 Henderson Highway (Just south of Lockport) in the tiny village of Narol,

Our regular services are Saturday evening (Vespers) @ 5:00 pm and Sunday Morning (Divine Liturgy) @ 9:30 am, and are served in English.

Festal weekday services are generally served at 6:00 pm (Vespers) and 10:00 am (Divine Liturgy). Please visit our Calendar for a list of services and events at St. Nicholas.

For more information about St. Nicholas of Narol, and/or to schedule Panikhida’s (memorials) and Moliben’s (services of intercession or thanksgiving) please contact Robyn Schantz

For pastoral inquires please contact Fr. Gregory Scratch (204-890-8057)

Thanksgiving and beyond.

I can not express enough how moved I was this past Sunday evening when our parish came together to celebrate my tenth anniversary of ordination and assignment to St. Nicholas.  Indeed there is so much to be thankful for. Whether it be for the amazing dinner,  the kind words and  gifts, let alone for the…

Nativity of the Theotokos (Fr. Bob’s wisdom)

“…The fact that there is no Biblical verification of the facts of Mary’s birth is incidental to themeaning of the feast. Even if the actual background of the event as celebrated in the Church isquestionable from an historical point of view, the divine meaning of it “for us men and for our salvation”is obvious. There…

St. Nicholas Blog

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