How is your Lent going (a mid-fast check in)- Matushka Taesia Scratch

How is your Lent  going?

Now that you have all stripped away those creature comforts of one form or another; what have you found, what have you uncovered ? What will you be working on? 

Have you realized that under the layers of music, food, busy-work, posturing, the noise of life – the things we do to hide our pain and insecurities-  that this is the dark place where we are meant to bring light to during Lent. Lent is where we heal with God.

This is the meatiness, where the real stuff is. Under all of this is where every human needs to continually heal. 

The same prayers are said over again in our church, so we can take them to the core of ourselves, with God, He is there with us, to give us strength to heal. We are given the blessing of Lent to uncover the layer upon layer of personal struggle. 

Why are we so prideful or angry or judgemental? What pain is under there?  Do not say nothing is wrong, because if we are being honest, we are not perfect. We are here to be healed; each of us.

This healing is private, and  possibly painful to do, but here we are doing it together as a community. How beautiful is that. 

The answers are given in the richness of Orthodoxy. Truly it takes time, and time again to find it within. We need to be honest with ourselves and God, and be healed. 
What will you make new? 

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