110th Anniversary Iconostas project

So much has happened at St. Nicholas since we celebrated our centennial anniversary ten years ago. We have taken giant steps into our next hundred years with accomplished renovation projects, new leaders in the community, and remarkable growth. Truly, these changes have manifested the work of the Holy Spirit at our beautiful Church, in the lives of those who call it home. 

In the last ten years we have also lost many loving, devoted and blessed members of this community (connected directly with the founding members of our community over 100 years ago), being foremost beloved family and friends. Indeed our continued remembrance of these loved ones compels us to offer our prayers and sacrifices to the Lord in thanksgiving for their labours of commitment, the community we now find home, and for the foundation of truth and love that has led 

many to Orthodoxy. As we enter this anniversary year, the opportunity to dedicate ourselves to the further adornment of our Iconostas is a project that manifests the work of the Lord in our lives and the communion of the saints in which they now stand with. 

As the council considered this project, a process of looking for competent Iconographers, who were affordable, and expedient was undertaken.. At the end of this process, the Iconographers Alexey and Alena Gomartely (who have already painted beautiful Icons for our relics, and the Mystical Supper) were selected. 

This work has started with the beautiful Icon of the Mystical supper which now hangs over our Royal Doors (commissioned in honour of our blessed John and Sophie Barchyn) and continues with a generous donation in honour of Rose Magrowski and Donna Shaw. With this donation we can begin with larger the Icons of The Lord enthroned, accompanied by His mother the Theotokos, and St. John the Baptist (the Desis) which will be the principle Icon on the Iconostas hanging above the Icon of the Mystical Supper, and help kick start this project financially. This is the largest (and most costly part) of our Iconostas project, to which we offer our profound thanksgiving to God. Yet this is only part of the whole project. Our goal is to have Icons of the twelve feasts, the Resurrection, and the twelve Apostles to fill in the remaining spaces, and in time have an Icon of the Annunciation and four Evangelists on the Royal Doors themselves. 

Fundraising will indeed be a component of this project; but as these kinds of activities are restricted currently, we are looking for the contributions of our members, and friends to further this anniversary project. Our request is that our famines prayerfully consider sponsoring an Icon in memory of a departed loved one(s) as a token of thanksgiving to God for bringing us all together as a family at St. Nicholas. 

Truly we are a family, with roots that stretch into early years of Orthodox Christianity in Canada. A project like this ensures that we, our community, will continue to bloom with the peace and joy of the Lord’s love for many years to come. May the Lord bless your offerings, with peace, and may the memories of our founders be eternal.

110th memorial Iconography project costs. 

The prices of these Icons reflect an honest payment for the prayerful and diligent work of our Iconographers, and the shipment of these Icons to Canada from the United States. The colour of our Icons will reflect the current colour pallet, painted with traditional egg tempera, and varnished, as well all the Icons will be adorned with gold leaf applique. 

We are glad to report that we’ve already received emails from individuals expressing their interest in sponsoring Icons, especially as we have just begun the project. We wanted to inform everyone on the status of this blessed project with monthly updates (attached), or as news arises. If you have any questions please contact Natalia Morin at stnicholasofnarol@gmail.com