The Blessing of the Red River.

In the same way that we bless the homes of our faith full in this time of joy at Theophany, we also bless the waters and rivers of wherever we might be, manifesting the saving work of the Lord in creation.

As the Lord has has come to save our broken and mortal nature by humbling Himself becoming like us in every way (except sin), and submitting Himself to the hand of a servant to “fulfill all righteousness” He also redeems His creation. The wonderful tradition of blessing rivers and lakes is truly a proclamation of the saving love of the Lord, and with thanksgiving to God, we are able to continue this tradition by blessing the Red River. 

With considerations to pandemic restrictions, busy schedules and the weather (never to be underestimated)  both Fr. Matthew Beynon from Holy Trinity Sobor and Fr. Gregory, and some of the faithful St. Nicholas and the Sobor, from were able to find time to serve together for this wonderful service during a balmy break in the weather.

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