Understanding Orthodoxy. A discussion series.

icxcnikaFor many in North America, Orthodoxy Christianity is a mystery shrouded by foreign languages, elaborate rituals, and superstitions, being something of a cultural artifact from a distant age and land. But despite the exoticness of Orthodoxy, it has for over a hundred years been a part of our history, with many domes and copulas and three-bar-Crosses dotting the prairie skyline.

 As Orthodox Christianity became more established in these new lands, so too did its commitment to the unchanging continuation of the Faith brought over here by Ukrainians, Russians, Greeks, Arabs, Romanians etc. (even if lived out in the English language like at St. Nicholas Orthodox Church).

This fall, St. Nicholas Orthodox Church in Narol will be hosting a discussion series to unpack Orthodoxy Christianity, shedding light on its world view, its worship and prayers, its saints and sacraments, with the hope that there might be for some, insight into the meaning of Orthodoxy, and for others, a greater understanding of the Faith of their forefathers and mothers.

Wednesday Sept. 24th 6:00 pm. The 5 W’s (and H) of the Church.  Who is the Church, what is the Church, when is Church, where is the Church, why is there the Church, and how did the Church happen.  

Wednesday Oct. 22nd 6:00 pm. The Church as Sacrament.    What are sacraments, and what is their place in the Church.

Wednesday Nov. 19th 6:00 pm. The Royal Priesthood and the other clergy.   Understanding the roles and responsibilities, of men and women in serving the Church.

Wednesday Dec. 10th 6:00 pm. Worship in Spirit and truth.   The difference between prayer and worship in the services of the Church

 St. Nicholas is 20 min North of Winnipeg on Henderson Hwy. (204). For more information please visit www.StNicholasNarol.com, or email Fr. Gregory at PriestGregoryScratch@gmail.com .