Seminarian appeal

The month of October brings us the remembrance of some very important saints in the life of the Orthodox church as witnessed in North America.

We have  St. Innocent of Alaska (Oct. 6th) and St. Tikhon of Moscow (Oct. 9th), and some calendars have St. Jacob of Alaska on Oct. 16th as well. But closer to home we also have the anniversary of our beloved Archbishop Arseny on Oct. 4th (1946).

Like his saintly predecessors, Vladika Arseny’s boldness in proclaiming the Gospel, his tireless labours bringing back into the faith those separated by schism, the setting up of parishes for new Canadians from Ukraine, Romania, Russia, as well his founding a monastery and seminary or two, all in our back yard, provide a context for us. Not only think about our rich past and the saints who laboured here, but also to consider what kind of future we will leave for our children and children’s children. Part of that future is insuring we have good, and well educated pastors, to continue the work of Vladika Arseny, St. Innocent, St. Tikhon, and all the saints.

Our task over the next few weekends is to see that these are real people with families.  That they have sacrificed so much, with the full knowledge that in serving this diocese, they will not ever get back finically what they put into it.  And thus support their work with prayers,  and  financial contributions.

Our diocese currently has three full time seminarians.

Kyle Parrott from St. Peter the Aleut parish in Calgary, along with his wife and young daughter are in the last year of their studies at St. Vladimir’s.
Ryan (Tikhon) Bishop, along with his wife Robyn and their two small children, from Meadow Lake Sk (via St. Herman’s in Langley BC)  is in his first year of studies at St. Vladimir’s
Gleb Melnyk from Sts. Peter and Paul Sobor is currently in the middle of his studies in St. Petersburg Russia.
This winter John Gryba from our most northern parish, St. Nikolai of Zhitsa in Yukon will be attending full time at St. Vladimir’s in New York as well.
Along with these full time seminarians our diocese also has 16 students enrolled in the St. Arseny diaconal program.


the Parrott family

This weekend one of our seminarians, Kyle Parrott from St. Peter the Aleut in Calgary will be ordianed to the Diaconate by Bishop Irenee at St. Vladimir’s Seminary in New York. Please keep him, his wife Leanne, and their daughter Sophia in your prayers, asking that the Lord bless his work and labours for this His vineyard.

Please consider what kind of support you can offer the Lord for their work.