No one needs to repeat  the news we all  have struggled with today. But through all this, we have  been granted a greater perspective into what is important.

As I served the Divine Liturgy for St. Xenia of Petersburg, I was struck with a sense of peace and assurance. Not that a miracle would happen in this case, but rather a miracle had already happen in the offered bread and wine, the Body and Blood of Christ, given to all of us for the “remission of sins and life everlasting”. Not just at this service, but each and every time we come together in Thanksgiving to God.

Humanities pain and sorrows, its wounds, hunger poverty melt away in the loving sacrifice of the Lord. His broken Body and Shed Blood.  How can the events of this day, week, and years be any different?

Of course, this reality doesn’t make life easier, but it gives us the perspective that Christ’s victory over death and evil is shared with us, eternally.