Notes for the Weekend of March 9th and 10th

This coming Saturday, March 9th we will be serving a memorial Liturgy all our loved ones who have pass away in the Lord. This is the most profound way to give thanks to God for the blessings given us in our departed parents, siblings, children, and friends.

Later on in the day (4:30pm) we will be serving a 40th day memorial service (Panahida) for Margaret Juce, mother of our dear Esther. Everyone is welcome.

Great Vespers will follow the Panahida.

WE TURN FORWARD THE CLOCKS FOR SUNDAY!!!!!!!!!! So please adjust your schedule and sleeping patterns accordingly.

Sunday is Meatfare, and with that we ease into the fast by omitting meat from our diet. For some people making this dietary change is not a problem, for others (especially those in mixed marriages, or with small children) this is lot harder.

It is not the Church’s job to break us of our taste in this or that (whether it be steak or egg salad sandwiches), rather the Church coaxes us along in matching our spiritual efforts (a diet of sorts) of refraining from laziness, despair and selfishness etc., with the physical efforts of going without (or a little less) for the sake of Christ and his love. If you do either or, independently of each other, for any other reason then the love of Christ, then it is a plan sure to fail, and discourage.

So maybe you can’t avoid meat all the time, but they are ways of making the effort of fasting from meat an offering to God. Things like avoiding McDonalds or any other fast food joint (even if they have a “vegetarian” menu) , having smaller servings, and not ordering prime rib, rather having something more modest.

Marrying both the spiritual efforts and the physical efforts together, even in degrees, for the love of Christ, we grow in the very love that he offers us, both spiritually and physically.

May the Lord bless this fasting.