News and notes for this weekend (Saturday Apr. 23rd, Sunday Apr. 24th)

Holy Week and Paschal services in Winkler. 

In order to offer our Winkler parishioners and friends a chance to experience and walk with the Lord to His saving Passion, Death and Resurrection, we will be serving a number of services in Winkler at the Christ the Saviour Mission Station (1490 Mountain Ave). This starts off with a Divine Liturgy on Lazarus Saturday at 10:00 am and then the Bridegroom Matins of Great and Holy Wednesday (served on Tuesday Apr. 27th) and the triupmhant blessing of Matins and Divine Liturgy of Bright Saturday (May 7th).

40th day Panikhida for Sophie Konefall

At 4:00 pm, before Great Vespers we will serve the 40th day memorial for our beloved Sophie Konefall. Although this formally ends our mourning period for her, this is a way of commending that the Lord provide and heal all the fears and temptations that she endured throughout her life, and that He might give her eternal rest. May her memory be eternal!

Great Vespers and the blessing of palms (pussy Willows) 

We will serve the Great Vespers of Palm Sunday at St. Nicholas (5:00 pm) and bless the willows after the service.

The Baptism of Aaron, Tina, and Isabel Wiebe. 

By Gods grace and mercy, one of our Wiebe families (yes we have a few) will be baptized on the blessed feast of the Lord’s entrance into Jerusalem (Palm Sunday). This will be done before the Liturgy, so we will start just a little earlier at 9:15 am to accommodate the baptism. If you are unable to attend please remember Aaron Seraphim, Tina Sophia and little Isabel in your prayers as they die to the world and its brokeness, and are raised in Christ through the waters of baptism!

The upcoming visit of Archbishop Irenee’s, and the ordination of (Fr.) Stephen Sharman to the Diaconate. 

It is truly a blessing that we will have our Archpastor and shepherd here for Holy Week and Pascha. Although he has to spend time between our three parishes in Winnipeg (not to mention the many people who will want to see him), we have him for the Vesperal Liturgy of Great and Holy Thursday (10:00 am), the 12 Passion Gospels (6:00 pm) , and Great and the Vesperal Liturgy of Great and Holy Saturday ( 10:00 am) .

The added blessing is that on Great and Holy Thursday, he will be consecrating our renovated Altar, as well as ordination of (Fr.) Stephen to the Holy Diaconcate. It isn’t often one gets to see the consecration of a Church or even an Altar, let alone an ordination. The fact it is on such a holy day is amazing. If it is possible I would strongly suggest that people try to take the time off of work, take the kids out of school, to be a part of this blessed event.