February at St. Nicholas

They are a few events in the month of February that are of note for our parish.

The month starts off with one of the 12 great feasts of the Church, The Meeting of the Lord in the temple (see more on the St. Nicholas blog). This feast is of particular meaning for me, as it marks my 10th year of service at the Altar, first as a deacon (for 9 years and 6 months) and now as a priest. I am humbled by the mercy and love of the Lord, in serving  both the Cathedral in Ottawa, and now the parish of St. Nicholas. I am truly thankful for those around me over these past years that have taught, and showed me what it is to serve and love a community in Christ.

This month we also have our Annual General meeting on Sunday Feb. 17th.

On Feb. 27th we celebrate the feast day of St. Raphael of Brooklyn. His vision of what Orthodoxy could be in North America, and his tireless work as a missionary priest, and bishop is a beacon for all of us wanting to serve the Lord in this country and culture. Great Vespers will be served on Tue. 26th at 6:30pm with Divine Liturgy served on Wed. 27th at 10:00am.

Given the late date of Pascha this year (May 5th) we  begin the preparatory Sundays before Great Lent at the very end of the month on Sunday the 24th (Publican and Pharisee). These Sundays (called the Triodion) present an opportunity to put our affairs in order, as we would do preparing for a long journey. The journey in this case being a 40 day physical and spiritual one, ending at the empty tomb of the risen Lord.

As always, Great Vespers on Saturday (5:30pm) will be preceded by a moliben to St. Nicholas (4:30pm). Please submit the names of  any persons who you would like to have prayed for. Confession can be made by appointment to either Father Bob or myself. Divine Liturgy Sunday mornings 9:30am.

May the Lord bless us all in this month.

Priest Gregory