Annual General Meeting

This past weekend our parish held its Annual General Meeting. Normally these kinds of affairs can be sources of great temptation or boredom (especially after serving a Liturgy). But if peoples hearts are in the right place, especially after  receiving the Holy Body and Blood of the Lord in communion, it can be an affirmation of  living and working together as “members of one another” (Rm 12:5 ).

It is a blessing that people with such different histories, cultures, ages and understandings, can focus together on the task of bearing witness of being a loving family in Christ,  wanting so dearly to share that with the world around us. This was not done in one giant “Group Think”  kind of way, rather it bore witness to the variety of gifts, talents, and perspectives given us by the Holy Spirit.

Parishes don’t automatically grow, by showing up and asking the Holy Spirit to do “its thing”. Rather it takes a parish with members willing to work together when differences exist, and issues that must be sorted out and clarified. It is this working together that bears witness to the creative work of the Holy Spirit, and as such participates in that work. I pray that every worth-while project we (and any other community) can always be willing to work together for the sake of the Kingdom, and the love of the Lord.