A year in.


As wonderful as it was to be back at the Cathedral with family and friends during the Archdiocesan Assembly (a year to the day that I left), nothing can change my thanksgiving to God  for the gift of a loving home and community I have with my family here at St. Nicholas. Things change, at times that is difficult, at times it bears fruit, but for the most part it is uncertain. But with faith that uncertainty becomes a revelation that God in his mercy gives what He does for our salvation, and not for any other reason. The faith of the members of St. Nicholas to take my family under its wings, and the faith of my family to leave everything and move out to Manitoba has being such a revelation, that brings clarity to the mercy and love of God. May the Lord bless my service to this His body for many, many more years!

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  1. Amen! We love you guys so much and are grateful that you are all well and being cared for.

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